Shreepad Seva Mandal (SSM)

Freedom-fighter, philosopher and a great patron and researcher of Shree Jnaneshwari, His Holiness the late P. P. Sadguru Shree Mamasaheb Deshpande (Shree Mama), founded Shreepad Seva Mandal (SSM) in 1971 at the behest of his Sadguru (spiritual guide and mentor) His Holiness P. P. Shree Gulavani Maharaj. Shree Mama drew up a mission plan and formed a broad outline for its future organizational structure and function under the divine guidance of P. P. Sadguru Swami Samarth Maharaj of Akkalkot. Even though he got a great deal of work done under it’s auspices, the organization got officially registered in 1991 as a not-for-profit, charitable trust in Pune, India only after he passed away in 1990.

The core mission of SSM is to promote spiritual awareness and self-realization through the study, understanding and practice of time-tested Vedic principles, documented in Shree Bhagwad Geeta and promulgated by Bhagwadpujyapad Shreemad Adya Shankaracharya and Bhagwan Shree Sant Jnaneshwar Maharaj.