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Shreepad Seva Mandal (SSM)

Since 1991, SSM has been under the benevolent guiding gaze of Founder and Chief Architect, the late P. P. Sadguru Shree Mamasaheb Deshpande (Shree Mama). Under the strong and visionary leadership of chairpersons P. P. Sadguru Sau. Shakuntala Jayant Agate (Sau. Tai), and P. P. Sadguru Shree Shireesh Shantaram Kawade (Shree Dada), the Mandal faithfully carries its activities based on the aims and objectives as broadly laid out by Shree Mama. 

These objectives encompass social-interests that are cultural, environmental and educational in nature.  These include the generation of strong social character and the preservation and research of ancient arts and sciences. Its spiritual goals include propagation of the knowledge as projected in the literature of saints and sages of India.

Towards achieving these objectives, several projects are currently underway whereby the Mandal operates in all five continents of the world through more than 80 charter-centers in India and over 40 satellite locations in the Middle East, Europe, North America and Australia.  Generations of selfless workers with sincerity, humility and strong moral character are being created at each of these projects.  These groups of volunteers, regardless of age, sex, national origin, language or cultural heritage commit themselves to becoming role models for the society at large.

Sau. Tai, holder of a Masters degree in science and Shree Dada, an Electronics engineer by education, bring a contemporary outlook to their leadership as they lend able guidance to the various projects and the overall activities of Shreepad Seva Mandal.