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Shreepad Seva Mandal Headquarters (Mauli)

How it all began:

Situated in the heart of Anandnagar, a quaint locale in the southwestern suburbs of Pune (India), Mauli Ashram is the nucleus of the ‘Mauli Campus’ sprawled over an area of two blocks. It is located on a street named after its distinguished resident, P. P. Sadguru Shree Mama Deshpande. A leading scholar of Shree Jnaneshwari, and an authoritative proponent of Shaktipatyog, Shree Mama spearheaded the ShreeDatta Sampraday the world over. Shree Mama built his residence in the early 1970s when the surrounding area was relatively secluded and unknown. He however inspired a burst of development, including starting a post-office, a bus-stop for the city public transport system and created the well established Anandnagar of today. He named his place of dwelling ‘Mauli’ (‘Fond Mother’) in the memory of his beloved mother and Guru and also in honor of his life and breath, ‘Mauli’ Shree Jnaneshwar Maharaj. The focal point is the sanctum sanctorum where Shree. Mama performed his daily puja of the idols of various deities. The central hall is the place where Shree. Mama held court and entertained guests. Huge lifelike oil paintings of the various luminaries of the ShreeDatta Sampraday like Shree Mama’s guru, P. P. Sadguru Shree Gulavani Maharaj; Shree. Mama’s dearest counselor, confidant P. P. Sadguru Shree Akkalkot Swami Maharaj, P. P. Sadguru Shree Vasudevanand Saraswati Tembye Swami Maharaj and others overlook the central hall. 

Shree. Mama’s ‘Karya’ begins in Mauli:

Mauli is the place where Shree Mama’s life-work unfolded, achieved the depth and breadth and the wide shape visible today. Mauli was witness to the amazing and towering work of Shree Mama as he tirelessly pursued the wellness of his disciples, dissuading them from the allures of the mundane and planting in them an all enduring longing for the Lord. Mauli has been a gracious host to several noted dignitaries with extraordinary spiritual authority, as they visited to share Shree Mama’s vision.

ShreeVamanraj Prakashan

The walls of this building have reflected scores of his discourses and sermons that have gone on to unveil secret wisdom hidden away in passages from spiritual writings. This is where some of the early writings of Shree Mama and his lofty spiritual heirs, explaining the core teachings of saints and seers, took place and have gone on to form the foundation of the publishing wing, ShreeVamanraj Prakashan.

Shreepad Seva Mandal and ShreeJnandev Sidhabet Tapovan

Here were sowed the early seeds of what is today Shreepad Seva Mandal, an organization that has now spread its roots on all five continents. The original idea and instructions for such an institution was provided to Shree Mama by Shree Mama’s guru himself, P. P. Sadguru Shree Gulavani Maharaj as early as in 1971. The organization however was officially registered with the Charity Commissioner’s office only in 1991 after the passing away of Shree Mama. Mauli also saw the birthing of ShreeJnandev Sidhabet Tapovan, a foundation created entirely to honor and expound the legacy of Shree Jnaneshwar Maharaj.

They come from all over the world:

Mauli is the solemn resting place of Shree. Mama, for he left his physical garb in the confines of his residence, having given clear instructions about his departure as well as the task that lay ahead, to his spiritual successors. Today even after almost a quarter century of his passing, the Mauli neighborhood is bustling with his devotees attracted from all over the world. They travel long distances just to spend a few precious moments drenched in the memory of Shree Mama’s loving presence. That ever present spark of divinity in Mauli recharges the embers of their own life enhancing spiritual quest. Various religious functions are held annually as ordained by Shree Mama. The fervor of these celebrations recreates the magic of the past.

Daily Services:

Regular morning and evening services are held and attended by devoted followers. The grand worship rite for the idols of various deities, from the time of Shree Mama is performed every day. This includes the abhishek of the famous Shivaling ‘Narmedeshwar’ which was a boon from Lord Shiva Himself to Shree Mama. Festivities like ‘Ashadhi Ekadashi’ (celebrated in the months of June/July), observation of ‘Shravani’ (July/August); celebration of ‘Shree DattaJayanti’ (late December) are a few of the various annual events that take place in Mauli. Today, this monument that stands bridging three generations of disciples of Shree Mama and devotees of ShreeDatta Sampraday while holding a special place in their hearts has been accorded a ‘Historically Significant Site’ status by the local civic authority.